Caps Off to Dads and Grads
Posted on May 16, 2017

dads and grads

Thanking your dad for his years of hard work, constant support, and corny jokes can be a tough gifting task, especially if he’s the type who has everything. If you’re also congratulating a new graduate on their commendable academic accomplishment, you might have double gift trouble this June! Take our quiz to narrow down the Dad and Grad type (and gifts) you’re looking for!

Three quick questions that will point you to gift ideas perfectly tailored for Dad:
(Looking for the perfect grad gift? Keep scrolling!)

On a perfect summer day, what would Dad be doing?

A. Preparing for a family BBQ
B. Taking the kids and grandkids to the zoo
C. Cheering on his favorite baseball team
D. Fishing at the local creek
E. Checking his email on his phone… stop it, dad!

What is Dad’s favorite food?

A. Chicken wings
B. Cotton candy
C. Hot dogs
D. MD Blue Crabs
E. Whatever mom packed him

If Dad was on a desert island, what would be the one item he would bring?

A. Corn hole set
B. Picture of his family
C. A baseball
D. A hammock (might as well enjoy the island!)
E. His iPhone (hope there’s cell reception in the ocean!)

MOSTLY “A” ANSWERS: Grill and Chill Dad
-BBQ essentials gift basket (cookbook, grill tools, sauces, craft beers)
-Tickets to a summer concert (we have plenty to choose from!)

MOSTLY “B” ANSWERS: Family Man Dad
-Tickets to the Maryland Zoo
-Movie tickets and dinner reservations
-Amusement park tickets
-Theater tickets

MOSTLY “C” ANSWERS: Sports Fan Dad
-Day at the ballpark (Orioles or Nationals tickets, seat cushion, foam finger, game snacks, his favorite player’s jersey)
-Heli-skiing or adventurous water sport excursion

MOSTLY “D” ANSWERS: Outdoorsy Dad
-Camping/Hiking gear (portable hammock, water bottle, thermos, bug spray, snacks)
-Gardening gear (gloves, knee pads, seeds, plants, flowers, small shovel, water bottle)

MOSTLY “E” ANSWERS: Business Professional Dad
-On the go gift basket (business card holder, nice pen, tie clip, monogrammed laptop bag)
-Gourmet coffee & tea gift basket
-Take a time out: in-home spa certificate
-Give him a clean, sleek ride with an auto detail


Whether they’re off to college or beginning a new career, we have gift ideas to celebrate all the hard work put forth by your grad. Three quick questions will point you great gifts for saying “Congrats, grad!”


Your grad is certainly superlative—which one did they win in the yearbook?

A. Most Likely to Succeed
B. Most Likely to Start a Band
C. Future CIA Hacker
D. Best Dressed
E. Super Hoops

What is your grad’s favorite subject in school?

A. History, Calculus, Literature, Chemistry…everything?
B. Philosophy, Music, or Art
C. Anything with Computers
D. Lunch (he/she SWEARS this is a subject)
E. Gym

Where are you likely to find your grad on the weekends?

A. Visiting museums and correcting the grammar in the visitor’s guide
B. In the garage makeshift stage with a guitar and a mic
C. In his or her room—leave me alone!!
D. Hitting up every mall in the area with friends
E. Playing baseball, basketball, tennis, football, and lacrosse


MOSTLY “A” ANSWERS: Ivy League Bound
-Gift basket filled with a planner, study snacks, local guide of the city where they’ll be attending school, nice pen, books

MOSTLY “B” ANSWERS: Hashtag Hipster
-Craft (root)beer in a nice wooden crate
-Bite-sized cookie dough
-Tickets to a concert or theater show

MOSTLY “C” ANSWERS: Mr or Mrs Mystery
-Book themed basket
-Movie tickets and snack basket
-Spy museum tickets

MOSTLY “D” ANSWERS: Dorm Room Diva
-Gift basket with a cook book
-Succulent to brighten their room
-Monogram blanket
-Tickets to a concert
-DIY cupcake decorating kit

MOSTLY “E” ANSWERS: King of the Court
-Gym essentials gift basket (water bottle, healthy snacks, sweat band, small gym bag, deodorant, sweat towel)
-Gundalow Juice pack
-Nats/Orioles tickets
-Throw them a back yard grad party with inflatable games and photo booth with festive props