Charming Trends: Pool Party
Posted on July 08, 2014

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No matter what type of party you’re attending, being fashionable is a must!

With pool party season upon us, being stylish in heat seems like a daunting task. So, in order to help you with the issue, I have put together a guide with six great poolside options!

1. Obviously the foundation to any pool attire is a great bathing suit!

Since not everyone is comfortable in a two piece, I selected two colorful options from Victoria’s Secret.

The vibrant patterns on these two suits are perfect for summer and colors are great for a tanned body!

pool party bathing suit 1 pool party bathing suit 2

2. For your cover up, make sure you are wearing breathable fabrics.

You also want to make sure nothing is too tight, because there is nothing more uncomfortable than wet fabric glued to your skin!

I selected flowy dresses from Urban Outfitters because they allow a cooling breeze, but a romper or loose shorts and a top work just as well.

pool party cover up 1 pool party cover up 2

3. Sandals are a must for any summer outing.

Since wet ground can be slippery, I suggest flats over wedges. Also, the less straps and buckles, the better! Nobody wants to fuss with 15 different straps and buckles after a long day at the pool… nor do you want a funky zebra foot tan!

I choose this pair from Forever 21 because they are simple, but chic with the added flair of the gold chain.

pool party sandals

4. Your eyes need protection from the sun’s UV rays, making sunglasses an accessory necessity!

The classic Ray Ban aviators will never go out of style; plus there are so many color combinations to choose from that there is a perfect pair for everyone.

The pair I chose have a unique green/blue mirror lenses and gold frames to coordinate with the suits and shoes.

pool party sunglasses

5. Protect the rest of your face by shading it with a stylish hat.

The hat I chose from Forever 21 is light, but still provides a ton of coverage with the large brim.

pool party hat

6. Lastly, every girl needs a bag!

I picked out a large tote from Nordstrom that allows you to throw your sunscreen, towel and all your other pool supplies in with plenty of space.

pool party bag


Happy Styling!
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Post by: Ashley M.