Charming Trends: Winter Accessories
Posted on December 08, 2014

The winter weather is rolling in! So to keep warm, we put together a style guide with some great hats, scarves and gloves!

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Embellished Ear Warmer – $28
(Urban Outfitters)
An ear warmer is great for the in-between temperature weather. The embellishment on this band adds a nice glamorous flare and the color is great for both fall and winter!

ear warmer 1 ear warmer 2

Coal Thrift  Beanie – $30
(Urban Outfitters)
This classic beanie is clean and simple; but the fact that you can wear it rolled up or down makes it super versatile!

beanie 1 beanie 2

Pom Beret – $28
Everyone needs a good pom-pom hat! This slouchy beret style updates the childhood classic style.

beret 1 beret 2

Push Mix Knit Scarf – $39
(Urban Outfitters)
A good knit scarf is essential for warming up! This one has two types of knit, making it visually interesting and extra soft.

scarf 1 scarf 2

Tartan Plaid Frayed Scarf – $11
(Forever 21)
A great cloth scarf can last for multiple seasons—since it is lighter than knit, it works well in spring and fall too! This one is a chic black and white pattern, easy to match with tons of sweaters and coats.

scarf 3 scarf 4

Popcorn Knit Maxi Infinity Scarf – $60
Infinity scarves are so easy to wear—wrap it once or double up for warmth! This cute knit infinity scarf can be worn with tons of different outfit styles.

scarf 5 scarf 6

Faux Fur Stole – $48-50
Faux fur makes any outfit more elegant; but sometimes a full coat can be overwhelming! This stole makes a great scarf/collar combo!

fur stole 1 fur stole 2

Plush-Lined Convertible Glove – $24
(Urban Outfitters)
Mittens are always so adorable but aren’t always fully functional when your four fingers are constrained to one pocket! These mittens have a convertible opening so you fingers are easily accessed.

glove 1 glove 2

All Over Tough Gloves – $28
Even when you skip the mittens, you still can’t use your touch screen phone with standard gloves! These gloves defeat the issue with special fingertips that allow you to effectively use touch screens.

glove 3 glove 4

Logo Bow Leather Gloves – $128
Leather gloves (or leather anything) can be a bit pricey; but it is a great investment piece for many winters to come. These designer gloves have a cute feminine flare on the masculine looking leather.

 glove 5 glove 6

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Whatever your style may be, we hope you stay warm this winter!!

Post by: Ashley M.