Concierge Close-Up: Duck Donuts
Posted on May 13, 2015

Since placing a “Coming Soon” sign on the front of a little store on the corner of Herndon Parkway and Elden Street, Northern Virginia has been buzzing about the grand opening of a new gourmet donut shop called Duck Donuts.

We would no longer have to trek into downtown Washington, DC to get anything other than the boring generic donut.

duck donuts


Duck Donuts originated in the Outer Banks on the basis of a fun project from the minds of Russ DiGilio & Robin Griffith. Something was missing in the Outer Banks and Duck Donuts was the answer.

With such a unique concept comes expansion and the Northern Virginia area was the perfect place to do so.

duck donuts 2

Sometimes when things are hyped up so much, they turn out to be a disappointment. That is so far from the truth in the case of Duck Donuts!

Our Experience

On a gorgeous Mother’s Day, my father and I decided to surprise my mom with a sweet treat for breakfast. Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed was the amount of cars in the parking lot which was not normal for a Sunday morning.

I walked into the store and was immediately struck by the amount of people – some in line to order, some in line to pick up and some wondering what line to be in! The little store was packed to the brim – a testament to its popularity for sure.

We waited approximately 20 minutes after ordering to pick up our donuts, but I have to say, it was worth it. The wait time is not typical but we’re going to assume everyone had the same idea as we did on Mother’s Day!

duck donuts 5 edit

The Donuts

The menu at Duck Donuts is unique. You have the opportunity to customize your donut to your exact specifications. Pick your coating from options such as peanut butter, maple, or strawberry icing then top it with goodies such as coconut, peanuts, and bacon. Yes you are reading that right, you can absolutely create a maple bacon donut and according to my dad it’s one of the greatest things on earth!

I opted to be less adventurous and try out both lemon and strawberry donuts topped with coconut. Also in our half dozen was the donut of the day, cinnamon bun, as well as peanut butter with peanuts. duck donuts 3 edit

The donuts are cakey and moist, and eating them straight from the oven is wonderful. They aren’t overwhelmingly sugary which can sometimes happen with cake donuts. The lemon icing was light and refreshing while the strawberry seemed to be filled with dozens of fresh picked strawberries.

duck donuts 4 edit

With a location coming soon to Fairfax as well, I highly recommending taking a visit to this donut shop. These donuts are certainly worth the wait (and the calories!).

 Post by: Elise D.