Creative Workplace Fitness – Bring the Outdoors In
Posted on August 19, 2016

There’s no doubt that healthy employees are more happy, productive, and engaged in the office. On the business side, it leads to better profits, lower healthcare costs, and overall a positive culture.

However, in the dog days of summer when vacations are over, heat and humidity are high, and everyone is gearing up for a busy season, it’s easy to let healthy habits fall by the wayside. Why not mix it up with an offbeat fitness class with your coworkers or friends, especially if they can be indoors?

Encourage employees to participate by offering special incentives, subsidizing the cost, or tying it in with existing workplace challenges. Check out our picks for local spots to mix things up.

Trampoline Park:
Feel like a kid again as you bounce around on giant trampolines, play games, or get a great workout.

Trapeze School:
Have you always wanted to join the circus? Take a trapeze class! The Trapeze School also offers silks, juggling, lyra and more for all skill levels.

Indoor Rock Climbing:
Rock Climbing is great for building strength, reducing stress, and building trust.

Aerial Yoga:
Channel your inner Cirque du Soleil and take your yoga workout to the next level – literally!

What other indoor fitness classes are you trying?

Post by: Brenda B.