DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes
Posted on October 27, 2014

Halloween is right around the corner! Maybe you have a party to go to this weekend and you have not even thought about what kind of costume to wear. We have all been there.

We are here to help with some easy, homemade costumes. You may already have everything you need in your closet!

DIY Header_Halloween

Static Cling:

Simply attach some socks and other small clothing objects to your normal outfit. Add some dryer sheets and you are static cling!

halloween static cling

Brawny Man:

You’ll need a red plaid shirt and a roll of brawny paper towels!

halloween brawny


All you need a fanny pack and a camera and you are a tourist.

halloween tourist

Secret Service or Bouncer:

You’ll need a black suit and some sunglasses. For extra points you could use a phone ear piece.

halloween secret service

The Fonz:

Do you have an old leather jacket you never wear? This is the perfect time to get that out and go as the Fonz.

halloween fonz

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We would love to see how creative you can get with your last minute costumes!

For more costume ideas, visit us on Pinterest!

ccc happy halloween

Post by: Sarah W.