DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts
Posted on February 04, 2015

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Are you are looking for an easy and cute Valentine’s Day gift? Whether its for your child’s classmates, a co-worker, or a special treat for your sweet Valentine, we have some great ideas to get those creative wheels turning that won’t break the bank!

Follow along as we give you some simple tips on how to make the people in your life feel loved.

Melted Heart Crayons

We have the perfect idea to switch up the candy and gift giving that takes place in most classrooms around Valentine’s Day. These melted heart crayons are the perfect little token of affection for your child’s classmates and are super fun to make!

vday melted crayonSupplies needed:

  • Assorted crayons
  • Heart shaped muffin tin
  • Paper for tags


  1. Peel off wrappers and chop crayons into small pieces
  2. Fill each heart shaped muffin tin with crayon pieces
  3. Bake at 230 degrees for 15 minutes
  4. Remove to cool
  5. Once cooled, attach crayon to tag using tape or a removable sticky adhesive
  6. Encourage your child to write a fun Valentine’s Day message on each tag

52 Things I Love About You

Many of us complete the obligation of a Valentine’s Day gift for our sweetheart by grabbing a greeting card and making a last minute dinner reservation. Try switching it up this year by creating a meaningful gift that will remind your partner of how loved and cherished they truly are!

vday 52 thingsSupplies Needed:

  • Deck of cards
  • Single hole punch
  • 2 – large metal index rings
  • Paper/printer
  • Packing Tape


  1. Purchase a deck of cards (try the Dollar Store)
  2. Hole punch all 52 cards with two punches down the left side
  3. Type up a list of 52 reasons why you love your Valentine
  4. Print each sentiment and cut out
  5. Tape onto the front of each playing card using a piece of packaging tape (its clear and acts as a laminate). Alternatively, you could laminate each card
  6. Compile cards together and insert into metal index rings

Date Jar

Another fun and useful Valentine’s Day gift is creating a jar full of date ideas to keep things fresh and fun between you and your loved one.

vday date 1Supplies needed:

  • A jar (any type will do! Think: Mason jar, pickle jar, etc)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Decorations for outside of jar (Get creative! Ribbons, paint, sequins, etc.)
  • Marker


  1. Pull out Popsicle sticks and see how many will fit into a jar
  2. vday date 2Begin by writing down fun date ideas! They can be simple and even include dates inside the house. Examples: Breakfast in Bed, Indoor picnic and board game night, Restaurant hop (start with a drink at one place, appetizer at another, etc.), a day at the beach, Create a bucket list together..the possibilities are endless!
  3. Place all the sticks in the jar and get creative making the outside of your jar look fun and festive!

S’mores in a Jar

Many of us spend more time with our co-workers than anyone else in life. Let your workmate know you care with a thoughtful token of your appreciation for them this Valentine’s Day!

vday smores 1This cute “S’mores in a Jar” gift is the perfect sweet treat for your coworker.

Supplies Needed:

  • Mason jar
  • Heart shaped marshmallows
  •  A few mini Hershey bars or Hershey Kisses
  • Graham crackers


  1. vday smores 2Place a few Hershey kisses or bars in bottom of the Mason jar
  2. Surround perimeter of jar with graham crackers
  3. Place marshmallows in the center
  4. Secure lid and decorate outside of jar

Alternative using cellophane instead of a jar:
vday smores 4

Hands Down Desk Drop

Keep those winter germs at bay with these cute and useful desk drops for your office staff.

vday hands downSupplies Needed:

  • Mini hand sanitizer
  • Paper tags
  • Ribbons


  1. Create a tag with the saying “Hands down you are a great coworker” or “Spread love not germs, Happy Valentines Day!”
  2. Attach each tag to the neck of the sanitzer using ribbon

Nail Polish Desk Drop

We all have a best friend that could use a little pampering! We love the idea of this simple gift. Its easy, affordable and thoughtful.

vday polishSupplies Needed:

  • Nail polish
  • Tag
  • String or ribbon


  1. Print out or hand write each tag to say: “I love that we are friends!”
  2. Attach tag to nail polish bottle
Post by: Cristin M.