Fuel-Up for Football
Posted on September 25, 2014

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For football fans, the the comeback of the NFL’s regular season each September is a sweet reunion between you, your couch and your favorite jersey.

If the excitement of each week’s game ties your stomach in knots, you may be better off munching on snacks all afternoon than eating a large meal.

Below are some ideas that we are featuring on our “Football Season” board on Pinterest.

Whether you’re watching solo, entertaining guests or lucky enough to tailgate at the stadium, these recipes will keep you fueled all-game long!

Peanut butter, Honey and Cinnamon Dip

Pair this with apples or any other seasonal fruit for a sweet but healthy treat!

FallGreekYogurt Dip


Great with those classic potato chips, pretzels or fresh veggies and made with much less salt and fat than store-bought dip.


Mini Taco Bites

Create these cups with your favorite taco ingredients!  Fill with beans to make the vegetarian friendly.


Mac & Cheese Cups

This classic dish in a bite-sized form will undoubtedly please both small and large crowds.


Crescent Roll Pizza Roll-Ups

Simple, easy and customizable with your favorite pizza toppings!  Try with feta and baby spinach for a change.


Pineapple and Veggie Skewers

If you’re up for grilling at half time,  save time by preparing these skewers before the game and they’ll be ready before the start of the 3rd quarter.  Add marinated chicken or beef for extra protein.


Game-Day Cupcakes

Just a few specialized icing tips will help you transform your cupcakes into a football-themed sweat treat.



Which recipe will you be whipping up this weekend?

Post by: Shelley W.