Holiday How-To: Christmas Tablescapes
Posted on December 22, 2014

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Looking for last minute ways to make your home ready for the holidays?  Here are a few DIY and affordable ideas to bring a little more Christmas cheer to the dinner table.

Reuse Wine Bottles

During the holidays you tend to get together more with family and friends. Instead of letting those used wine bottles go to waste, create festive table pieces.

Epsom Salt Wine BottleCreate the illusion of a winter wonderland just by applying Epson salt to wine bottles and mason jars.

Here’s how:

Spray paint the bottle white, then apply 1 layer of mod podge on the bottle, roll it in Epson salt and then add an additional layer of mod podge. Let it dry and it is ready for display!

For accents add branches and leaves to put in the bottles, and spray paint them silver or even gold.

Lettered Wine BottleYou can also create a beautiful display by spray painting wine bottles the color of your choosing.  If you want to incorporate glitter, purchase Krylong Glitter Blast spray.

Here’s How:

Remove all labels from the wine bottle and for the best result lightly go over the surface with fine-grit sandpaper. Spray paint the bottle, let it dry for 20 minutes and then add an additional coat and let it then dry for 24 hours. After, apply sticker letters to the bottle, to create words that go with the holiday season.

The same look can be achieved with left over aluminum beer bottles as well!

Beer Bottles

Using Leftover Ornaments

Everyone normally finds themselves with extra ornaments that were not used for the tree.  Don’t have them waste away in storage, and instead use them out to help add to your centerpieces.

Use upside down wine glasses and ornaments to create a simple holiday look.  Place candles on top to make the display complete.

Wine glasses

You can also use a tray with tiers to add height to your centerpiece. Add a simple candle on top that accents the ornaments.

ornament tier

Add some extra sparkle to your candles with glitter! Concierge Ally show’s you how here.

Using Cranberries

Cranberries are affordable and easy to find this time of year. They are a perfect to have on display for holiday décor.

Choose any type of vases or bowls and fill them with water and cranberries.  Add flowers to the vase, I would suggest white hydrangeas.

You can also have the same affect by just filling the vase with cranberries and no water, and getting fake flowers to have for the entire holiday season.


Nice accents to the flowers arrangements are small bowls or mason jars filled with cranberries and water, with floating tea light candles.


Just by using a cake stand with cranberries and different level candles you can create an easy but striking centerpiece.

cake stand

Pine Cones

It is easy to convert pine cones from the outside to inside with simple and rustic centerpieces.

Here’s How:

Collect one or several wooden boxes, then fill with pine cones and pine tree branches. Add candles in glass holders and a few ornaments, and you can create a very countryside feel to your holiday setting.

pine cone box 2

If you don’t have a wooden box, the same look can be achieved by just placing the pine cones and branches directly on the table with some ornaments.

If you choose to use mason jars, fill at least half of the jar with Epson salt to give the candles a place holder and have the look of snow.

pine cone mason jar

I would suggest adding a table runner if you are not going to have a table cloth, to pull together the entire look.

pine cone boxes

Lastly, consider placing pine cones in different silver bowls, cups and candlesticks and create a pine cone table top forest. Top them with a glitter covered cardboard star to make mini Christmas trees for the table.

pine cone trees

*** ***

Get creative with your centerpieces and don’t be afraid to try something new.  Even the simplest décor can add a little bit of Christmas magic to your home!

You can also visit SmartConcierge on Pinterest for more holiday decorating ideas!

Post by: Harlee G.