Holiday How-To: Snow Globe
Posted on December 23, 2014

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This DIY snow globe is perfect for a recipient of any age.  It’s easy and fun to make and will add sparkle to the holidays this year.

You need a mason jar of any size, glitter in the color(s) of your choice, ribbon and water.

snow globe 1


Fill the mason jar with water and add glitter.

Start with a small amount of glitter and add more as desired.  If you add too much, not all of the glitter will fall into the water leaving a film at the top.

snow globe 2

Add small bulb ornaments that will float on top or, using hot glue, you could adhere a small plastic object to the metal lid of the jar or even glue a gift card as an added treasure.  Once out of the water, the gift card will easily pull away from glue and be ready for redemption.

Seal the jar, turn upside down and add a ribbon of your choice.

snow globe 3

Shake and enjoy the shine and shimmer!

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This project is pinned on our Smart Concierge Pinterest Page.  Be sure to visit this page for more details and other ideas for last-minute holiday gifts!

Post by: Shelley W.