25th Anniversary

This year marks Charm City Concierge’s 25th anniversary.  We have come so far over the years and we owe our success to all of our clients, employees and vendor partners!  To celebrate, we look forward to a year filled with special savings & promotions, company history & trivia, prizes & giveaways and so much more.

Enjoy our first featured vendor spotlight from long-term vendor and friend as she shares a few fun facts about our ongoing partnership. Read more below.

A Quick Chat with BevRage

What is one word that comes to mind when you hear Charm City Concierge?

YAY. Yay because I know…

  • It’s going to be a fun and thoughtful event with happy tenants (which I believe is a culture created by the concierges)
  • the planning and booking is smooth and flexible with thorough communication and updates, whether it’s through emails, or phone calls and text messages because I am unable to get to my computer
  • It’s profitable, because CCC does a good job of selling our service

What is the most memorable/favorite event you’ve catered with us?

Honestly, the events I’m invited to exclusively for CCC staff because it gives me the best chance to see everyone off the clock and reconnect on a more personal-professional level which is pretty crucial for me in order to stay charged through busy seasons when my stress level is high.

How has partnering with Charm City Concierge impacted/benefited your business? In what ways do you hope to grow with us in 2018 and beyond?

In many ways! Our partnership with CCC has helped us plunge more deeply into the world of daytime corporate office events where we are the “main show.” This has helped us in a very obvious way with bottom line numbers, and in a not-so obvious way – being the main show has helped us really see how people love and value the service that we offer… it has done great things for our self-esteem as a business. All that has shifted our perspective on how we “show up” as a business and in turn, we have clearer vision to see the extent of the demand that is out there for our service…

Also, the CCC crew has done a great job bringing me up-to-date with trends that we can incorporate into our business. We have carried that over to our other clients and have become more valuable as a vendor that has something to offer, vs just taking an order per se.

In terms of growth in 2018, we hope to learn and expand with more trends that are yet to come… and maybe even start one ourselves??!!

What is your favorite custom beverage?

I have 3: Red velvet mocha, Salted caramel milkshake, Butterbeer latte

What has been your busiest event? Do you have an idea of how many beverages you served?

Not a CCC event, it was an outdoor festival called Casa Italiana in DC for an Italian church. We must have made at least a thousand drinks – they were almost all for Italians… and the Italians approved so we felt awesome about it.

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