Create a
sense of place.

Transforming work places
into work experiences.

Create more than
just a place to live.

Build a premier
retail experience.

It takes more than a building to form a community.

Charm City Concierge forms connections between employees, companies and the places they work to deliver meaningful experiences and encourage community.  Our programs ensure work-life balance, improve well-being and focus on delivering a differentiated work experience providing for others what they would like to create for themselves.

Three custom platforms. One connected community.


Our Concierge free your people from the mundane tasks that erode their day, so they can create great work. When you partner with us, our Concierge deliver impeccable services, an amenity-rich environment, convenience and well-being.

Service your people

Weave together opportunities, experiences, traditions and events to create a strong sense of place and belonging in the workplace. Our Social Experience Managers transform the workplace into a work experience where people stay, connect, engage, and enjoy.

Activate your community

Engaging events and unique experiences are surefire ways to build a sense of pride, promote socialization, and generate a feeling of belonging in your community. Our Engagement Managers take great pride in creating events that bring people together.

Engage your people

Create your own community.
Experience a new meaning of loyalty.

Who We Work With

It's a huge advantage for me to be able to count on the concierge to get meals, gifts and flowers when I need them. Really lowers my stress level!

Booz Allen Hamilton