Commercial Real Estate

Tenants are expecting more
from the buildings they choose.

Charm City Concierge’s solutions weave together opportunities, experiences, traditions and events to create a strong sense of community and belonging in the workplace.  Our branded program encourages a premier work environment that helps your tenants attract and retain a talented workforce.  This in turn accelerates companies’ potential to expand, sign lease renewals and make a major impact in the building and community as a direct result of a productive and energized staff.

How We Create Connection & Community

Concierge Services

From time saving services to corporate services we help your tenants balance their work-life to generate productive, happy and engaged tenants.

Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive wellness programs engage the workforce, lower employee benefits costs, reverse absence rates and boost job satisfaction.

Activating Spaces

When you bring your spaces to life with engaging experiences, new or old traditions, and creative events you activate your building's community.  We create camaraderie, help forge relationships, and encourage tenant attachments to your building.

Technology & Online Communication

Through our various technology channels we will keep your tenants and their employees connected to their building and community, creating a true sense of place and community and loyalty to the building.


Our full cycle leasing program compliments your marketing team to focus on enhancing the prospective tenants experience when touring your buildings and spaces.

Conference Center Management

Acting as an extension of your team we market your space and provide seamless end-to-end management.  While we handle that rigorous work, you're free to concentrate on your core business.

Who We Work With