How to Stay Healthy & Fit All Summer Long!
Posted on May 22, 2015

This week, Charm City Concierge has been providing healthy living tips in support of Global Employee Health & Fitness Month!

We know eating healthy on vacation can be a challenge especially when you’re already trying to eat healthy at home! Before you know it, you are two days into vacation, having a margarita poolside for breakfast and skipping the 30 minutes of exercise you promised you would do while away.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening!

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As we head into the summer months and a long holiday weekend, we want to provide you with our top 5 ways to stay healthy and on track!

  1. Don’t overindulge.
    If you want to have that yummy dessert, go for it, just have a small portion to insure you are limiting your fatty food intake to small amounts. Eating lighter throughout the day helps too! If you have a huge brunch, then maybe munch on nutritious snacks throughout the afternoon until dinnertime. Moderation is always key!
  2. Get active with your family and friends.
    2013-7-15-SummerTrainingWhile on vacation, allow yourself a “lazy” day or a relaxing day to just lie on the beach if you wish. On other days, get active and go on adventures! Go for a morning bike ride, take a sunset walk on the beach, or tour the town. BeachBikingMaybe your accommodations are offering other activities that they sponsor, go out and try something new! This is also a great way to make some awesome memories.
  3. Make working out a game, get everyone in on it.
    Make fun, healthy rules during your getaway! For every unhealthy food you eat, you have to do squats or push ups. Everyone will have fun keeping each other accountable, and there’s just something fun about watching someone else have to do 50 squats!
  4. Limit your daily dose of drinks.
    imagesO6NCIUMITell yourself you are only going to have a few drinks and stick to it! Having that glass of wine at dinner won’t do much, but having 5 glasses will! Just like with food, you should drink in moderation as well.
  5. Make smart choices.
    While you are busy not overindulging try to also make healthy decisions. Pick veggies instead of potato chips. Eat fruit instead of dessert. Learn the local spots and make some healthy decisions.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation! Clean eating and exercise are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but if you fall off track while on vacation its okay. You’ll have a stronger motivation when you get back from vacation.

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 Post by: Ivon M. & Sarah R., Community Outreach Committee