Meet Your Neighbors – Creating Community Building Wide
Posted on September 26, 2016

If we asked you, “do you know everyone’s name in your office?” chances are you may say “yes,” or, “I make a point to try to learn everyone’s names who I work with.” Now, if we asked you, “Do you know the names of those in other companies, but the same building?,” we bet your answer may change.

Even though you work in offices right next door, most people do not make it a point to get to know their neighbors. Building community is becoming a huge trend in the workplace, and what better way to start than by getting out of your office bubble and meeting those who work right next door? Read on to see just how simple this can be.

Have Competitions

You’ve seen the donation request boxes in your lobby. Usually, they are for clothes, school supplies, or food. This year, why not make this a little more interesting? Companies can request to participate in a competition, keeping a box in their office and seeing which company can collect the most items.

Our Treats for Troops Drive is first up so start thinking of a great prize (gift basket for the winning office, pizza party, or hot chocolate bar to name a few!) – or maybe you just want the bragging rights!


Interactive Lobby Events

Those ice cream socials, coffee bars, and fall festivals are great, but many employees seem to just grab their food and go straight back to their desks. Start making your events a little more interactive! Ask a florist to come on-site and allow tenants to custom make floral bouquets for Valentine’s Day, or mum baskets for the fall!

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, ask your concierge to plan a pumpkin carving contest in the afternoon. Better yet, have sign-ups ahead of time and your concierge will have assigned seating so that tenants are sitting with people from different companies!photo

Get Outside

Many of our concierges have already started implementing walking groups at their properties! The fall weather is the perfect time to get in those steps, so ask your concierge if they have one set-up, or ask to start one. You will be so caught up in conversation with your new acquaintances, that your lunch break will be your new favorite time of day and you won’t even feel those aching legs.

Studies show that employees who take a walk at lunch or exercise regularly are more collaborative, tend to take on leadership roles, are less likely to get sick, and come back to work with renewed energy and productivity.


Lounge Around

Instead of drinking that morning cup of coffee at your desk, take a seat in the lobby! If you do not already have lobby furniture, your concierge can help. Chat with your neighbors about the election, celebrity gossip, or whatever popped up on your Facebook last!


Building community can be easier than you think, and your concierge is always able to help. Ask them for suggestions, or how to implement any of the above!

Post by: Kayla M.