National Cherry Blossom Festival March 27-April 11
Posted on March 26, 2010

Having just moved to the DC/MD/VA area last fall, I’m a newbie to all of this Cherry Blossom Festival hoop-la. Everyone has been telling me how beautiful the springtime is here, and after this crazy winter we’ve just experienced, I was hoping they weren’t lying. 

I’m a runner, so I was also told that I HAVE to run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race (April 11.) What better way to see the Cherry Blossoms than to run through them?  I signed up to run the race with a co-worker and we were fortunate enough to get a spot on the starting line. (The race fills up fast so they randomly pick and choose who gets to run.)

As the time has come closer, I’m starting to get more and more excited about the Cherry Blossom Festival. I’m thrilled to be in the DC area for such a fun and historical event, and I can’t wait to run this race and have a chance to view the beautiful scenery as shown through my coworkers pictures below.  The festival runs from March 27-April 11 and has a large variety of events for the entire family to enjoy:

For more information on the National Cherry Blossom Festival, click here.