Neverland is Closer Than You Think
Posted on June 29, 2015

A few of our concierges were able to attend opening night for JM Barrie’s Peter Pan at the Threesixty Theatre in Tysons Corner and it did not disappoint!

peter pan 6

The venue and show were unlike any other we have seen before! The theater popped up in Tysons, right behind the mall (near Silver Diner and Busara Thai) in a giant circus-like tent just for this show.

peter pan 3

From the outside the tent looks fairly small, but upon entering it is transformed into quite a large space and you can’t even tell you are in a tent. The inside is fully air-conditioned and includes all the concessions and souvenir stands you would expect when seeing a Broadway show.

peter pan 5

Parking is available right across the street on the top deck of the Macy’s parking lot in terrace A, with a short walk to the venue.

The stage itself was unique. It featured a circular platform and provided great views from every single seat. The stage was the inspiration for the venue name: Threesixty Theatre. With a design such as this there was no curtain for scene changes. Almost everything and everyone popped out of the floor instead. It was quite a shock the first time the scene changed!

peter pan 1

One of the most unexpected ideas was the use of the ceiling for CGI projection of different scenery! This was especially impressive during the flying scenes where it gave the real impression of the cast flying through London and on to Neverland!

Every nook and cranny of this theater was thought out and maximized to its fullest potential with the rounded stage creating an intimate feeling for the guests.

peter pan 2

Beyond the venue, the show itself was phenomenal! The acting from the whole cast was wonderful, and the show was pure entertainment featuring songs, dances, and even some high-flying acrobatics! It was a good mix of all the different theatrical styles; so there were no monotonous moments. The costumes, props and sets were all creative and full of whimsy. Best of all, the show was great for all ages!

peter pan 4

Overall, it was a wonderful theatrical take on a classic Disney and childhood tale. We highly recommend taking a trip to Neverland with the cast of Peter Pan!

For tickets to the show, contact your concierge!

Post by: Ashley M. and Elise D.