Play Ball!
Posted on April 16, 2010

Opening day for Orioles baseball has come and gone.  The city of Baltimore was electric.  Walking next to the stadium on my way to work there were crowds already gathered outside Pickles Pub.  We lucked out with sunny skies, even though the temperature was a bit chilly.  Unfortunately our poor Orioles could not pull out the win.  That won’t stop me from heading over to Camden Yards this season…..

Top 5 Reasons to go to an Oriole’s Game:

  1. The Jumbo-Tron!  When I hear the beginning of the hot dog race song I am practically giddy with excitement.   I was pleasantly surprised to see the graphics have been updated from last year; however ketchup still held its own against mustard and relish to pull out the win.  Who can resist the Old Bay Crab Shuffle?  Or the hilarity of the Kiss Cam?  I find myself watching the Jumbo-Tron more often than I watch the game, and I will continue the quest to be on it for the “Fan of the Game” segment! 
  2. Give-a-ways!  T-SHIRT TUESDAYS!  Who can resist a free t-shirt?  Or an Nick Markakis  Bobble Head?  Or an Orioles Floppy Hat??  Click here for the full calendar of give-a –ways.  
  3. Cheap Tickets!  Every Tuesday is Bargain night with Upper Reserve tickets for $8.  Every Thursday is Kid’s Night and kids 10 and under receive a free upper reserve seat with a paying adult.  Every Friday is Student Night and with a valid student I.D you can purchase a Left Field Upper Reserve seat for $6!  I am guilty of purchasing the student ticket utilizing an outdated ID, even though sitting with a swarm of high school students is less than ideal – you can’t beat 6 bucks! 
  4. Baseball Food!  Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Popcorn, French Fries – I LOVE IT ALL!  My suggestion for keeping it affordable is to purchase food before the game at one of the vendors outside the stadium.  You ARE allowed to bring vendor food into the game and soda or water as long as it is sealed.  Spare yourself the $5 hot dog inside, and get 3 for $5 outside!
  5. Fireworks!  Alas, fireworks are no longer reserved for the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve.  At various games throughout the season, win or lose, fans will be treated to a fireworks display at the stadium post game.