Preview the Charm City Concierge Experience
Posted on November 15, 2017

Coming up on our 25 year anniversary, we at Charm City Concierge have continuously maintained that we are “in the business of people.” Our modernized website, launched earlier this year, doesn’t subtract the element of small business charm or render obsolete the necessity of our physical presence for clients, as technology often does—it actually supports the idea of individualized service.

Take a look around the site to preview our experience – the products and services are not what we are selling. Rather, it is the accessibility of ideas and an expert to bring them to life that we are sharing on this worldwide platform, not a series of clicks right past the personalization. With convenience at the core, our website affords our concierges an extra-long reach.

The accessibility of ideas takes center stage in a much more visually appealing way: ideas for introducing health and wellness initiatives, creative ways to enhance events, offering employee recognition tips, and insight into our traditional concierge services with a modern application. On a broader scale, the side of our site that speaks to our property management partners and prospective clients offers a preview of our custom platforms— Service, Activate, and Engage—which are revolutionary in the industry in and of themselves.

The upcoming holiday season showcases how digitalization plays to everyone’s advantage with over 50 pages of joy in our inaugural gift guide, which is an inspirational tool that not only points out great gift ideas and holiday event inspiration, but identifies savings available exclusively through the concierge – our insider deals from our best service partners! You’ll find your way to this guide front and center on our homepage.

With a nod to our roots and in support of the women who power all our efforts, our favorite aspect of our updated website features our own staff as a testament to the joy it gives us to partner with clients. Scrolling through the images of our holiday photoshoot, our culture and careers pages, and even this blog, you may find your own concierge enjoying baseball opening day, or marveling over gifts with her coworkers, or sharing her passion with local theatre tips or upcoming weekend happenings.

Through attractive and interactive programming, our concierge are responding to their clients’ desires to establish a feeling of community. Browse our new site, then give us a shout. We can’t wait to create a memorable experience for you.