Purple Pride Party Drink Labels
Posted on February 01, 2013

Hosting the Ultimate Super Bowl Celebration? Here’s a fun and festive way to give you more time with the big game and less time wondering which cup is yours! We have put together an easy template of Purple Pride football helmets, decked out with some of our favorite Ravens players numbers on them. Click here to view and download the template!

Simply attach these little helmets to your guest’s cups, and let the fun begin! Not only will people enjoy picking out their favorite player, but they also won’t have to worry about losing a name-less cup! Plus, their festive nature will make it look like you went the extra mile to pull out all the Ravens Nation stops!


 Here’s what worked well for us:

1. Cut out each helmet individually.

2. Laminate the helmet: (hint: a role of clear packaging tape does the

trick!) we covered the back and the front of the piece of paper.

3. Attach the helmet to the front of a clear tumbler/plastic cup.

Again, we used a strip of packaging tape. One long strip and the helmet was secure in place. Added bonus? The tape helps to keep the ink from running from possible condensation. (note, clear packaging tape blends in well on the outside of a clear plastic cup)

4. Place them out for all of your guests to see. Then sit back, and watch the reactions of your party-goers. (or just stay glued to the TV, either way, these hard hats are sure to keep you in the game!)

Other ideas? Attach the laminated helmets to the tops of tooth picks or cocktail picks. Stick them in the tops of cupcakes, sliders, or maybe even some Old Bay crab cakes!

For a ton of other ideas to make your party memorable – visit our Football Party Pinterest Board!