Regi’s American Bistro – A neighborhood classic
Posted on April 23, 2010

Growing up, when my parents said we were going out to eat, I knew exactly what to expect:  where we were going,  where we were going to sit, who was going to serve us, and what we were all going to order.  My parents are creatures of habit who had been dining out at this same establishment since before I was even in the picture, and they felt no need to stray from the tried and true.  As an adult, it is not surprising to me that I have my own sort of affinity to the familiar.  My restaurant is Regi’s American Bistro on Light Street in Federal Hill.   Whenever I have an occasion to celebrate: out-of-town guests, a hankering for a meal out, and yes, even when my parents visit, I find myself relying on the friendly and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere that seems to suit every dining situation.  

My first visit to Regi’s, I was instantly attracted to the small brick building with green awnings and outdoor European style bistro – the perfect location for a Sunday brunch when the Baltimore weather decides to cooperate.  Inside there is a quaint and comfortable bar area, as well as a front and back dining room.  The site lends itself to familiarity, as it is only a little larger than an average Baltimore row house.  The staff is friendly, professional, and helpful with making recommendations off the menu.  I sat at my table in anticipation: with the atmosphere so lovely and relaxing, I was hopeful that the food would invite and excite my taste buds.  I was not disappointed.  The menu is creative and ever-changing, offering dishes made from locally grown seasonal ingredients.  With upscale food at casual prices, the menu was the deciding factor for me . . . I had found my go-to restaurant.

My most recent venture to Regi’s was for my favorite weekend tradition of Sunday Brunch.  The meal started with complimentary warm blueberry muffins and freshly whipped butter.  A little taste of heaven on a sunny Sunday morning, this alternative to the traditional bread and butter whets your appetite and your taste buds.  For the main course, I ordered the Denver Omelet- served with a side of crispy grilled breakfast potatoes and tasty fruit.  My dining companions ordered a Crab and Spinach Omelet and Peanut Thai Salad with tuna – the house specialty.  As expected, the portions were generous, the fresh food was served warm, and the mimosas were bubbly.

Growing up I couldn’t quite understand why my parents never strayed from their restaurant.  I was always wondering what other great culinary experiences we were missing, however I can now appreciate the old adage that you can never have too much of a good thing.  See what they have to offer at