Simple Swaps for Healthy Eating
Posted on May 20, 2016

As we all know, starting a new diet can be both difficult and daunting; but changing your eating habits doesn’t have to be so scary!

A drastic change can be overwhelming and easy to give up on; but if you try adapting one or two small adjustments per week or per month, eventually they add up to a much healthier way of life!


Here are some simple and easy swaps to make for a healthier diet and lifestyle:

Give up soda and create your own infused waters.
Soda is packed with sugar and has no real nutritional value, but plain water can get boring. Grab an infuser and throw in your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs for a refreshing change.

Switch your morning bagel with an English muffin.
Bagels are full of carbs and offer very little fiber; so swap them out for an English muffin, which is much less dense (and caloric!) and a whole lot better for you.

Try leafy greens rather than iceberg lettuce.
Iceberg lettuce is considered to have the lowest nutritional density of the greens family; so swap it out for spinach, romaine, kale, collards, etc. which are packed with more vitamins and minerals.

Swap pasta noodles with spaghetti squash.
The vegetable has much fewer calories and carbs AND is just as simple to cook.If you can’t give up the pasta just yet, opt for a whole wheat pasta. We’re big fans of using a spiralizer as well.

Substitute ground beef for ground turkey.
Turkey is a much more lean meat than beef, so this switch will help cut down on saturated fats.

Opt for sweet potatoes over regular potatoes.
While both potatoes have no fat and about the same amount of protein, sweet potatoes are lower in calories and carbs but have more vitamins, minerals and fiber than their counterpart.

Eat your fruits rather than drinking them.
Fruit juices are high in sugar and low in fiber compared to their derivatives; so swapping out your morning juice for a piece of fruit has a better nutritional value.

Enhance your sandwich by switching mayo for mashed avocado.
We all know mayo is packed fat and calories; but avocado is a much healthier (and tasty) substitute to top your sandwich off. You can even make the same tasty switch with your buttered toast in the morning!

Change your deli salad recipe to include yogurt rather than mayo.
Making your egg, chicken and tuna salad with a healthy Greek (or regular) yogurt rather than fatty mayonnaise.

Skip the bread and try your sandwiches on something new.
Try swapping the bread out for a lettuce wrap or a zucchini or cucumber slice for much fewer calories and carbs.

Make your own popsicles instead of buying frozen ones.
We all get a sweet tooth every so often but a lot of store-bought treats have tons of sugar. Grab you favorite fruits, a tray, and popsicle sticks to create your own summer treat!

Use less butter and more extra virgin olive oil.
Butter is full of artery filling fats; but EVOO can easily be substituted  in a lot of stove-top cooking.

Limit your time in the aisles & maximize your time on the perimeter of the grocery store.
The aisles of the grocery store are where you find a lot of the heavily processed foods; but if you stick to the perimeter of the store you will find all the freshest options (fruit, vegetables, dairy, meats, etc.).

Cook at home rather than heading to a restaurant.
A lot of times we think we are choosing a healthier option but there are always tons of hidden calories in restaurant meals. Try to recreate your favorite dishes on your own for a healthier version and maybe save some money too!

Change the order you eat your entrée.
If you fill up on the healthy stuff first you’ll be less likely to consume the heavy and caloric items later on in the meal.

Bonus Tip: Try to stop looking at the scale and start looking in the mirror.
A lot of times we get depressed by a number, but try to base your results on how you feel and look. It feels amazing to slip into a pair of shorts you haven’t worn in a few summers! And go ahead, check out your new body in the mirror!

This is just a small sample of the numerous changes you can make to create healthy habits; but we encourage you to not only to try some of these out but to create your own simple swaps.

Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to build your way up to a healthy way of living!

Post by: Ashley M.