Simplify Your Life This August
Posted on July 28, 2016

Living in 2016 is high-maintenance. We have so many tireless obligations, appointments, schedules, and stressors.

The lifestyles we adhere to wear us down—staying organized, primping for days at the office and nights on the town, maintaining a budget for work and play, rushing through traffic—the things that truly matter tend to suffer, like our physical health, our relationships with our friends and family, and our abilities to both focus and then relax.

The best weapon to combat all of these things? A capable and enthusiastic partner. Someone to step in and take over all the little things that pile up when you’re overwhelmed.

Who has time to plan a healthy family dinner after a rough day at the office? How many deadlines do you miss for important tasks when you’re worried about how to feed and refresh your clients and coworkers at a meeting? Where does laundry fit into this equation?

Solution? Your concierge. She has time to plan, she will whisk your worry away, and she can formulate complex equations to multiply daily tasks, divide by weekly due dates, and add the exact percentage of monthly options to get you back on track.

Simply… simplify your life! Whether it’s delivering thoughtful little packages of sweets as thank-yous to your business associates, facilitating your freshly dry cleaned suits, or booking the towncar, dinner, and theatre arrangements for date night—Charm City Concierge has you covered. So go ahead and relax in August, because she’s working to simplify your life.

Post by: Stephanie T.