The Secret is in the Shamrock
Posted on February 23, 2010

I find myself wondering what lil’ leprechaun decided to make St. Patrick’s Day fall during the work week this year… Wouldn’t it be easier to celebrate this “oh so happy” day on a weekend when our responsibilities are less?  For all of you green beer and thirsty spirits looking to avoid the stress of after work happy hours or hangovers at work on the 18th, follow the lucky rainbow to Shamrockfest – the Mid-Atlantic Region’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Event – and celebrate on the 13th instead.

Check out this link with all the fun details about the festival!!

Embrace this early celebration the weekend before the big day, and laugh as your co-workers and friends that struggle through the day after they recover from St. Patrick’s kiss.   Grab some friends, something green from the closet, and raise your mugs to the sky!!