Tips for Tailgating
Posted on October 13, 2014

Football season is in full swing and the Birds aren’t backing down! If you’re like us, you get just as excited about the pre-game party as you do for the actual sporting event. Sports Header

Tailgating (or couchgating) is a time to get excited for the game, and enjoy the food, drinks and fun company of other sports fans.

Here are some tips that can make your tailgate stress-free and more enjoyable!

Arrive Early:

You do not want to waste the majority of your time setting up and breaking down.  Make sure to arrive at least 3 to 4 hours before game time, that way you can set-up early and not stress, and actually enjoy the hard work you put into planning the tailgate. Be sure to check what time parking lots open before traveling.


You want to do as little prep work as possible while at the actual tailgate.

If you do decide to grill, pre-slice all of your meats, cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce and other toppings, and organize them all in a container so that everything is accessible.


tailgate3Be conscious of where you are placing your grill while tailgating and make sure the wind is not moving in direction where the smoke from the grill will bother anyone.

If you want to add team spirit to your burger, get a spatula representing your favorite team.

This NFL “Sportula” has a sturdy handle, bottle opener and it is big enough where it won’t easily go missing in a packed-up car.

Stay Organized:

At a large tailgate it is very easy to lose track of items and to get unorganized.

tailgate4Bring a pre-packed set of plastic drawers that are labeled.  That way you know where everything is and you do not have to spend time looking for missing condiments or paper towels, and it will take less time to pack items up at the end. 

Attempt to bring as many disposable plates, cups, silverware, trays and casserole dishes as you can, so it is not difficult to pack up your car at the end. If you have a few items that are not disposable and that need to come home, pack everything into a larger container with a lid.  That way it is easier to keep tabs on the items and you do not have dirty dishes all over your car.


It looks like we may still have a few warmer weekends ahead of us. If you are concerned about bugs getting in your drinks, get creative, and use cupcake liners as lids.  Poke a straw through the liner and use them to protect your drink.  These are inexpensive and effective.


With cold and flu season starting up, no one wants to be drinking out of other people’s cups. To avoid that make sure to bring along labels or duct tape and a marker to label each cup. Incorporate team spirit in labeling your cups and get creative with them.


Drinking can be a large part of a tailgate. Consider making a specialty drink for a break from the beer. Having one large drink in a beverage dispenser will avoid having a ton of extra liquor bottles, takes up less space and avoid bottles being dropped and broken. The drink can be a crowd favorite or a drink that could go with the colors of your sports team.

Here are two of our favorites:

Baltimore Ravens:  Sangria

Baltimore Orioles: Orange Crush

tailgate7If you tend to accumulate a lot of bottle caps at your tailgate, my favorite item to use is the “Click and Drink Bottle Opener.” 

The entire opener is magnetic and can keep all of the bottle caps in one place, and it can stick to your car without leaving any marks.


A lot of times you will have more than one cooler at a tailgate. Avoid guests from constantly lifting every lid while looking for a certain beverage by labeling each cooler ahead of time.


Sometimes it is difficult to bring enough ice for all of your coolers without it melting.  The night before freeze water bottles, which will help keep the other drinks cool and once they melt guests can drink them.


You want to keep guest entertained.  It is always nice to provide games that can get a handful of people involved.

This summer, concierge Ashley posted a blog of how to make ladder golf; other recommendations are corn hole and Kan Jam, both games that you can make yourself or purchase.


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Contact your concierge for catering or game day transportation.
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Post by: Harlee G.